Truffles at Villeneuve-Minervois

Thanks to its exceptional location among the foothills of the black mountains and situated within the mythical triangle formed by the communities of Cabrespine and Trassanel, Villeneuve-Minervois is graced with a truly exceptional level of truffle production. For this reason, it’s only natural that specialist markets have been created for both private and professional buyers of this noble mushroom. The famed reputation of these markets is well proven since you will not only meet producers from other French truffle regions, but also producers from Spain as well as Italy. Conviviality is the order of the day. Villeneuve-Minervois is also birthplace of the Brotherhood of Los Trufaïres Vilanova Ménerbes, a society which brings together truffle enthusiasts and truffle producing specialists alike. This friendly society promotes the noble truffle through organising various events: markets, charitable events, the Night of the Truffle Dinner and Gala. Inauguration is restricted to individuals who undertake to promote Villeneuve-Minervois truffles, no matter where and when, and to popularize them whilst holding them in highest esteem.

It was thus in 2011 that the Languedoc House of Truffles was created, a backdrop entirely dedicated to the Black Diamond, to initiate the curious to all its hidden secrets.

Photographer : Site patrimoine audois
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